The World Assemblies of God Fellowship normally holds its World Congress every three years in various locations. The previous congresses have been: Seoul, Korea (1993), Sao Paulo, Brazil (1996), Indianapolis, IN, USA (2000), Sydney (2005), Lisbon (2008), Chennai, India (2011), Springfield, MO, USA (2014), and Singapore (2017). Madrid (2020) was postponed to 2023 because of the Covid pandemic.

Besides these congresses, there have been 5 World Missions Congresses.

They have been:

2007: Buenos Aires, Argentina (in conjunction with the third Latin America Missions Congress)

2011: Manila, Philippines

2013: Cancun, Mexico (in conjunction with the fifth Latin America Missions Congress, which had 1100 delegates from 60 countries)

2015: Bangkok, Thailand

2018: Madrid, Spain

In Bangkok it was decided to have the World Missions Congress every three years. The congress in Colombia was originally scheduled for Sept. 2021, but was postponed a year because of the Covid pandemic.

This congress is being co-sponsored by the Pentecostal World Fellowship Missions Commission

The Pentecostal World Fellowship also has had congresses every three years going back to 1947 in Zurich. Including that one, it has had a total of 24 congresses. Recent ones include Los Angeles (2001), Johannesburg (2004), Surabaya, Indonesia (2007), Stockholm (2010), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2013), Sao Paulo, Brazil. (2016), and Calgary, Canada. (2019)

The PWF World Missions Commission was established in 2005, and since that there has been a world missions special program connected to the Pentecostal World Conference.

In Colombia we will have a joint PWF and WAGF co-sponsorship of the mission congress for the second time, the first being in Madrid.