Congress price and registration instructions

The registration fee will be Note: For those living in Colombia the price will be in Colombian Pesos equivalent and updated monthly to the amount in dollars below.
On site registration will be dependent on pre-congress registration. The congress venue is large but also subject to local Covid protocols and possible percentage of capacity rules. Some delegates from countries where credit card payments are difficult may request a waiver from paying in advance and may be allowed to pay on site. These will be a case by case situation.

Note: For those living in Colombia the price will be in Colombian Pesos equivalent and updated monthly to the amount in dollars below.

Till May 31st: $60 dollars
From June 1st to July 31st: 80 Dollars.
From August 1st to Sept. 15th: 100 Dollars.
From Sept. 15th on: As space permits.

Registration includes:

Entrance to the congress
Two Coffee Breaks
Registration fee does not include any meals or hotel rooms. Meals and hotel rooms are the responsibility of each person. There is the option to buy TWO LUNCHES if you plan to attend the workshops, $10 us each one.

Explanation on the purchase of lunch for the two workshop days:

On Wednesday and Thursday there will be 9 workshops available in different rooms of the Convention Center. There are not a lot of options to eat lunch near the convention center, and certainly not for hundreds of people. It would be very difficult for you to travel back by taxi to your hotel area to have lunch and return in time for the workshops. For this reason, it is recommended for those wanting to attend the workshops to purchase the two lunches. The lunches will be served on the site of the Convention Center. If you wish to purchase the lunch option, it is included in the registration page. If you do not purchase it on line, it will be very difficult to purchase it at a later date and we can’t guarantee availability. You will be given your lunch tickets when you receive your congress material.

Observation: When you register you will have to pick the two workshops you plan to attend. Look them over before registering so you can make your decision.

Registration link for delegates:

(Registration  delegates will be charged in Dollars)

Clarification and warnings:
1. If you register more than one person as a group, you
will not receive the individual QR codes at this time, but
only one QR code as a receipt and responsible for the
group. Closer to the date of the event, each invidual will
receive their individual QR code. (Individual registrations
will receive their individual code both now and again as a
reminder in the future)

2. If you register a group, you must include a unique email
for each person, to avoid confusion when the invidual QR
codes are later sent out.